Shades of Brooklyn Vol. 1

Aired on HBO:  2009 – 2011

Official Selection HBO Short Film Competition 2008 – The American Black Film Festival

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Written & Directed by
Daoud Abeid & Dahkil Hausif

Co-written by
Ihsan Muhammad

Produced by
Rahman Ali Bugg

Associated Produced by
Timiza Sanyika, Jamison Claxton & Tiffany L. Williams

Cinematography by
Ramulas Burgess

Ephraim Benton
Rob Morgan
Xosha Roquemore
Jaime Lincoln Smith
Nia Fairweather
Ryan J. Council
Duane C. Wallace
Lufthansey Josa
Eugene Jones III
Rasu Jilani
Raymond "Voodoo Ray" Ultarte
Deffrei Enfermera
Easeyi Catwell
Cleveland Sampson

Edited by
Dahkil Hausif

Music by
Roman Zeitlin

Lenny Mastrandrea

Conform by
Scott Bravo, Russ Bixby & Rich Schreck

Sound Mixing by
Peter Buccellato

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