About the Filmmakers

Daoud Abeid & Dahkil Hausif



Daoud Abeid and Dahkil Hausif formed Sunshowah Films to counteract the one-dimensional film images depicting urban life in the American film culture.  Combining their Syracuse University educations with life experience growing up in New York City and a passion to positively inspire younger generations, the two have written, directed, produced and edited three short films:  SHADES OF BROOKLYN Vol. 1 (which aired on HBO for two years), award winning EYE JAMMY and award winning REV’ O. LU, SHUN.  Using a subversive and revolutionary-minded style of independent filmmaking, Abeid and Hausif highlight and explore the conflicts and contradictions that play a part in the lives of everyday people.  …THE HARDER THEY FALL is their debut feature film.